Integrated Complex

The majority of the companies  composing the Complex are connected with Braskem´s raw material unit  through a pipeline system.  Braskem is the largest company integrating the Camaçari Industrial Complex and one of the five major private enterprises of the country. Its raw material unit receives feedstock from Petrobras - mainly naphtha – for manufacture of primary petrochemicals: ethylene, propylene, benzene, toluene, butadiene, p-xylene, solvents and additional chemicals.

All these products, plus utilities - such as electric power, steam and instrument air - are supplied to Braskem´s production facilities and to neighbor second-generation industries, for manufacturing of intermediate products and some final petrochemicals.

A 400-km ethylene pipeline connects Braskem´s raw material facility installed in Camaçari with Braskem´s two chlorine-soda and PVC units installed in the neighbor State of Alagoas.  As a consequence, such pipeline connects the Camaçari Industrial Complex with the Chlorine-chemical Complex in Alagoas.  Designed to operate on a integrated basis with other industries, the Camaçari Industrial Complex counts on specialized support for industrial maintenance and also counts on environmental protection services provided by Cetrel.

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