Complex-based companies have developed individual Environmental programs,  with emphasis to the following themes:
• In-source control of liquid effluents and solid waste;
• Control of atmospheric emissions;
• Loss prevention of products;
• Clean technologies.
Cetrel – Environmental Protection Company manages the environmental protection programs in the Industrial Complex.

Cetrel operations start-up took place in 1978.  That company is responsible for treatment and disposal of industrial waste and monitoring of the Industrial Complex and its areas of influence.  At Cetrel the environmental systems are classified as large-scale due to the dimensions of the Camaçari Industrial Complex. The main services and production processes delivered by Cetrel are as follows:
• Treatment (processing) of liquid effluents;
• Oceanic outfall for liquid effluents;
• Disposal of solid waste;
• Incineration of dangerous waste;
• Monitoring of air;
• Management of hydrical resources.

The Complex is provided with a modern network for air monitoring, which operates continuously and is fed by data collected at several air monitoring stations installed in the industrial area and in strategic points in the neighbor communities.

At Cetrel's Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP), approximately 97 per cent of the organic load (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) generated in the Complex is removed. After being treated, the liquid effluents are safely disposed via land pipeline and marine outfall, presenting no environmental impact in the region.

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