A simulated exercise for control of emergency, carried out on September 18th, 2008 in the Camaçari Industrial Pole, mobilized approximately 17,000 company and contractor employees working in the 55 companies installed in the Basic Complex (area of higher concentration of industries in the Pole).  Coordinated by Cofic – Commitee on Industrial Foment of Camaçari and Monsanto, the simulated exercise counted on the technical support provided by safety professionals, 100 emergency brigade members, 20 physicians, 40 nurses, 26 firefighting vehicles, 24 ambulances, in addition to police staff.

The training event was launched at 9:00 AM at Monsanto Plant, which simulated an accident during the movement of a isotank loaded with phosphorus.  In the simulated scenario the overhead crane system carrying the isotank failed, causing the isotank to fall over the storage yard, with subsequent release of phosphorus.  The scenario was considered as “critical”.  Monsanto technical teams coordinated the initial on-site response and subsequently requested support from neighbor companies through the radio system composing the Mutual Aid Plan (PAM). 

Accesses to the Pole (i.e. Axial, Parafuso, Canal de Tráfego, Ligação and Frontal) were blocked in order to facilitate the movement of people involved in the training event, firefighting vehicles and ambulances.  Since the scenario involved the release of a flammable product, the remaining companies also removed, on a preventive basis, their employees, contractor employees and visitors who were at their facilities.  They were oriented by Safety professionals and  evacuation coordinators;  they walked until the meeting points distributed in different points of the Basic Complex, where they remained until the end of the emergency.

That simulated exercise, which also involved assistance of rescue of “victims”, lasted 1h:30min.  The evaluated items included:  communication system among the companies, technical procedures for firefighting, transportation systems, integrated actions performed by medical and safety teams, interface with traffic control in Camaçari, conjunct activities with the municipal Emergency Response Department (Defesa Civil), blockage of roads and policing. 

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