The objective of this program is to encourage improved performance among the Cofic-associated companies in prevention of accidents, also promoting the exchange of experience in Health, Safety and Environment in the Pole.  This award became a reference in HSE Auditing for companies installed in the Camaçari Industrial Complex and in other Brazilian states as well.

The associated companies are submitted to audits, including those companies that are not competing  for the award.  A team composed of 80 auditors assess, in every company, approximately 1070 items addressing the three areas of  the award, as well as the corresponding evidences of performance.  Audit results are transformed into recommendations for the associated companies.

In the period 2009/2010, over 32 companies were audited.  The winners in the 5-Star Category were Braskem PVC, Braskem Cloro Soda, Braskem PE-2, Braskem PE-3, Du Pont, Cetrel and Petrobras Fafen.  In the Excellence-Category the winners were Deten, Dow TDI, Dow Aratu, Braskem Unib and Braskem PE-1.

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