Mission, Vision and Goals


Promote the sustainable development of the Camaçari Industrial Complex and its area of regional influence . 

The Camaçari Industrial Complex is recognized as a reference in business excellency.


To promote actions and synergies that assure:

- Sustainable competitiveness.
- Representativeness within the State and regulatory 
- Best practices in Safety, Health and Environment.
- Transparent Communication and good image.
- People Development.
- Social Responsability. 

Comitê de Fomento Industrial de Camaçari - COFIC
Rod. BA 512, Km 1,5 - Fazenda Olhos D'Água - Camaçari-BA. - Cep. 42810-440
Fone: (71) 3634-3400 - Fax: (71) 3634-3406
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